Purpose of the Program
Delivery of the Program

Warsaw - The Capital of Dynamic Business - a new program is lounched

Delivery of the Program

The 20 qualified lecturers, delivering academic programs in Innovative Entrepreneurship will receive support in the following forms in order to carry out a program of minimum 30 hours:

  • help in the proces of preparing materials for lectures, provision of tools and tips and possiblity to consult all problems which may occur during the classes. The support will be provided by the project leader J. Cieślik PhD, who is the author of the handbook and the methodology for lectures which utilises the Internet platform.
  • a 2-day workshop for lecturers. The workshop will take place on 22-23 June 2009 in Warsaw. The lecturers who qualified for the program are obliged to participate. Candidates should make shure they are available at the time.
  • ability to use the internet portal as a tool to deliver the lectures. To find out more click "Using the Portal" on the left.
  • a one-off payment for every lecturer participating in the program to compensate the time and work he commited to the project. Lecturers who participate in the preparation program and carry out pilot lectures which should complete no later tha 20 June 2010 will receive the payment.
  • national conferences will be held in October 2009 and October 2010 where lecturers will be able to share their experiences regarding their courses within the field of innovative entrepreneurship