Warsaw - The Capital of Dynamic Business - a new program is lounched

International cooperation through exchanging experiences and delivering international projects in the field of entrepreneurship education is an important direction for SEIPA actions.

European Commission

The need for dynamic action to implement academic programs in the field of innovative entrepreneurship in European institutions of higher education is included in the actions of the European Comission, which initiated the "Entrepreneurship in Higher Education, Especially within Non-Business Sector" program. The report of a group of experts published in March 2008 "Entrepreneurship in Higher Education, Especially within Non-Business Sector" includes the review of current situtation in member states of the European Union and specific recomendations as to the actions to be taken by universities, national institutions and the European Commision. One of the initiatives which are currently being brough to life is the European Network of Entrepreneurship Educations.

Among 10 of the examples of good practices recomended to be promoted the report presents the program of training and consultancy for lecturers of non-business academic institutions (polytechnics, universities, agricultural academies etc.) realised in 2007-2008 by the Kozminski University in Warsaw, Poland. The project was financed by the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Poland.


Cooperation with academic institutions and network organization which deliver numerous training-consulting programs within dynamic entrepreneurship:

Stanford Technology Venture Program (STVP) this is an initiative of Stanford University resulting in a network of educators around the world involved primarily in technology entrepreneurhip programs. There are regular seminars organized in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia facilitating exchange of educational experiences in the field of technology-based entrepreneurship.

IntEnt  is an annual conference, which facilitates the exchange of ideas and experiences in teachin education at the academic level, with particular focus on Europe. This initiative has been launched by Prof. Heinz Klandt with the support of the  FGF - a German association promoting reasearch and education in the field of entrepreneurship. In 2007 the annual IntEnt Conference has been held in Gdansk, Poland, during which Prof. Jerzy Cieslik presented the overall concept of Dynamic Entrepreneurship Program.

ERENET  Entrepreneurship  Research and Education Network of Central European Universities has been launched in 2005 with the aim roku to enhance research and teachingo in the field of entrepreneurship in the Central and Eastern Europe. Dr Antal Szabo (Hungary)  is the Network Coordinator. ERENET publishes electronic journal ERENET Profile.

PROJECT on benchmarking of entrepreneurship education in selected EU & North-American countries, Romania

This Project has been initiated by the Romanian Ministry of Education in order to make comparative analysis of the experiences accumulated in various countries in teaching education at the academic level. Based on the best practices assembled, some recommendations will be made as to fostering entrepreneurship education in the Romanian universities. The academic institution responsible for project implementation is the University of Tirgu-Muresh, acting in cooperation with the  ERENET network. Poland has been selected as the reference country and Prof. Jerzy Cieslik has presented Polish experiences during the Conference summarizing the first phase of the Project.  University-Level Entrepreneurship Education in Poland
European Commission