Warsaw - The Capital of Dynamic Business - a new program is lounched

The launch of this internet platform for the Network of Adecemic Educators of Entrepreneuship is to facilitate the stimulation of academic cooperation. It is also an important element of promotion for the project. In this one location on the Internet different actions undertaken by different academic institutions in the country will be announced. Basic information regarding the academic courses in innovative entrepreneurship will be listed here next to innovative initiatives and examples of business start-ups launched by the students, academic faculty and PhD students involved in the educational and training programs



Europe is not using fully its entrepreneurial potential and there is a need to encourage more people to start their own business. The balance between the risk and possible benefits is considered negative and makes many of the Europeans interested in starting their own business to give up their plans. Those who make this decision are often only active in their home conutries insted of utilizing the possibilities given to them by the European Union and more distant markets.

The "Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs" project presents and innovative answer to the double challenge related to stimulating entrepreneurship and encouraging Europeans to conduct business activity across borders. Young Entrepreneurs are getting this unique opportunity to observe experienced entrepreneurs in another EU country and thus learn about the market in that country and the culture as well as get business experience. These experiences will prove useful in the initial and further stages of running their own business and increase the probablity of success in the market.