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"International Entrepreneurship in Poland"
Project Director: Prof. Jerzy Cieślik PhD
Project No. N115 2566 33, financed by the Minister of Science and Higher Education
Realized between October 2007 and September 2009

The main purpose of this research project is recognizing the phenomenon of international entrepreneurship (IE) in Poland - its scale, rights and characteristics with related worldwide trends in the background.

International Entrepreneurship is defined as the process of entering international markets by newly created businesses within a short period of their establishment and reaching a significant level of export in general sales figures. The success of those businesses, the so called "born globals", are the effect of entrepreneurial activities: they have a proactive, innovative character and they are related to higher risk. The motors behind these activities are usually business owners or managing directors.

The International Entrepreneurship phenomenon gained in size in highly developed countries only at the beginning of the 90's of the 20th century. As result of the economic transformation the phenomenon could be observed to a high scale in Poland. Based on the collected statistical data it has been established that between 1989 and 2003 ca. 160 thousand Polish businesses were actively exporting goods. These were mostly small and mid-size enterprises (SME). Even though the experience of those companies includes only a few years of activity it has become a lever for their development.

In the initial phase of delivery of this research project evaluation of literature and sources of statistical data was conducted and as effect a unique database of ca. 60 thousand Polish businesses involved in exporting activities was put together. This database allows not only for data analysis regarding main trends but also is a good start point for deeper studies using survey methods and case studies in respect to specific companies and industries.

The results of this research will be published in the following forms:

a) a monograph "International Entrepreneurship in Poland" in Polish and English

b) articles in leading, specialized, national and international magazines

c) an international conference "International Entrepreneurship in Post-Socialist countries"

d) a complex academic module for institutions of higher education to implement as an "International Entrepreneurship" course for graduate and post-graduate students.

EIBA Dec 2008 Presentation
Prezentacja PowerPoint
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"Dynamic Enterprises Project"
Project Director Prof. Jerzy Cieślik PhD

Dynamic Enterprises are business units created by their founders with a plan for large scale business activity and followed by unexpected increase in turnover and employment. In effect, those businesses quickly turn from micro, through small to medium size enterprises and often grow into large scale businesses. The growing interest in these companies is related to the key role they play in the development of economy, creating new jobs, implementing innovative technologies and the development of export. Recently as a joint initiative of the OECD and Eurostat unified measurement methods were introduced for such companies.

The pilot phase of this project was launched in 2007 in cooperation with the Department of Enterprises and Prices of the Main Statistical Office (Departament Przedsiębiorstw i Cen GUS). Cooperation with the Statistical Committee of the OECD was established for the purpose of Entrepreneurship Indicators Project. The results of the preliminary statistical analysis were presented during the Critical Theory of Organization seminar on February 29, 2008 on campus of Kozminski University.