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Programs and Methodology

Three basic subjects are included in the concept of development of education within the area of entrepreneurship in Polish academic institutions (mainly non-economical). The offer is to be further developed.

The basic subject is "Dynamic Entrepreneurship" and it is offered, as a rule, to undergraduate students. The purpose of this program is to raise interest among students who could become future entrepreneurs and providing basic knowledge within the area of entrepreneurship. This does not necessarily lead to a decision to start their own business.
International experience show high demand for courses addressed to a selected group of students in their final years of studies, which would prepare them to start a business immediately after graduation, and those are the programs which demonstrate the best effects. In this case there is a possibility to gain EU funding.
On the other hand "Technological Entrepreneurship" as a subject is meant to prepare the academic faculty (PhD students) to begin spin-off, spin-out kind of enterprises.

Experiences of foreign and domestic academic institutions regarding forms and methods of teaching can be summarized as follows:

  • entrepreneurship can be a subject taught at an academic level and such educational programs can influence the success of students - candidates for entrepreneurs
  • educational offer within the area of dynamic entrepreneurship should be targeted not only at students in programs related to economy/management but also to other students
  • entrepreneurs should be trained otherwise than managers as they need to have a holistic approach to the functioning of the new business
  • educational programs of entrepreneurship should be offered at every level of academic education including undergraduate, graduate and PhD education.
  • within the academic community the most effective methods are diverse, intense forms of teaching based on the "For Entrepreneurship" formula. This requires including students (individually or in groups) in carrying out specific business projects, even if it is only a simulation game.