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Materials and Tools


This offer of methodological support and cooperation, including the provision of tools for academic and consultancy programs is addressed to:

  • Lecturers of academic institutions of all types which already provide education within the area of entrepreneurship as well as those which plan to implement such courses. Networking between lecturers is mostly regarding the implementation of various subjects related to dynamic (innovative) entrepreneurship.
  • Organizers and trainers who carry out training and consultancy programs financed by the European Union.


The basic forms of cooperation with lecturers and trainers:

  • Providing Tools for conducting classes available after registering with the Network. As in the case of materials for students, the package for lecturers is divided in groups according to subject blocks. The basic tools include:
    • Methodological remarks - here you will find methodological tips and practical advice regarding specific subjects
    • Presentations - this part will include standard PowerPoint presentations to be used by lecturers.
    • Literature - here you will find interesting scientific publications, allowing to widen your knowledge within a specific field.
    • Tests - this part will include examples of tests and assignments to be used by lecturers for the purpose of assessment and final examination.
    • FAQ - will include answers to frequently asked questions

Materials for lecturers will be completed gradually, according to suggestions of their users.

  • Exchange of views, experiences and good practices on the internal Lecturers' Forum as well as during periodical conferences and seminars;
  • The possibility to conduct classes with the use of this portal after configuring the individual subject. This software is particularly useful for lecturers and trainers, who recognize a need to support their classes with internet tools and have no ability to create those tools individually. In practice, a lecturer submits information using the Submit Subject tab providing:
    • Personal details
    • schedule and location for classes
    • individually defined goals, methodology and assessment conditions etc
    • subject block and their order

Based on the submitted information the subject will be configured individually and "tied" with the lecturer, with an individual internet address which the lecturer will then provide to the students.

  • Broad spectrum of possibilities opens before lecturers who would like to participate in the development of this program. For instance, at the current stage there is a lack of case studies based on the Polish reality, which would be very useful in the execution of the teaching process. Compiling a case study is time-consuming, but allowing for exchange of such materials to take place between lecturers would help to create a wide database of materials.
  • Including Polish lecturers of entrepreneurship in the international cooperation network, especially within the European Network of Entrepreneurship Lecturers which is currently being established by the European Commission.