Warsaw - The Capital of Dynamic Business - a new program is lounched

Academic Network of Entrepreneurship Educators in Poland is a complex support program and experience exchange platform for educators who implement education and training programs within the field of dynamic and innovative entrepreneurship for students and staff of academic educational institutions. It is addressed to all kinds of schools providing education in all areas, especially those not related to business education, where there is a need to stimulate commercial activity within the academic community.

The offer of support for educators includes practical training and advice regarding launching academic programs within the field of innovative entrepreneurship for students and academic staff, possibility to exchange experiences and good practices during seminars and conferences as well as through a dedicated electronic platform We also intend to promote interesting initiatives and events at all the participating Polish schools stimulating commercial activity within the academic community. We would also like to preset interesting achievements of our partners, who use their experience gained through SEIPA and the Dynamic Entrepreneurship Program, which is targeted at students. We intend to enter into international cooperation, as similar initiatives are being implemented in other Member States of the European Union.

The Network is coordinated by Prof. Jerzy Cieslik, Director Center for Entrepreneurship, Kozminski University.