The programme entails the participation of 20 academics currently employed at higher education institutions who run or intend to run courses on innovative entrepreneurship in the nearest future. Such instructors shall receive comprehensive assistance in the implementation of pilot 30-hour courses.

The assistance shall encompass the following components:


  • Factual assistance in preparation of course materials, provision of teaching aids and teaching tips with the option of providing ongoing consultation with respect to any problems that may arise in the course of the classes. Instructors will also be invited to take part in a two-day workshop. The factual assistance shall be provided by Programme Head prof. dr hab. Jerzy Cieślik, author of the academic textbook “Przedsiębiorczość dla ambitnych. Jak uruchomić własny biznes” (Dynamic Entrepreneurship. How to start your own business), Warsaw, 2006 and the related methodology used in this course with the application of an Internet platform.
  • Access to the training and advisory vortal provided to instructors, which may serve as a tool to be used in teaching and assist the teaching process. See the “How to Use the Vortal” bookmark for more information on the possibilities of using the vortal for the purposes of the course.
  • A one-off consideration paid to each instructor participating in the programme compensating the additional input required for the development of the key concepts of the course and teaching aids. The consideration is payable to individual instructors who will have participated in the preparatory programme and have run the pilot course by 15 February 2008.
  • At the end of the programme a one-day nationwide conference will be held where the conclusions stemming from the results of the pilot project will be presented followed by recommendations put forth with regard to the full-scope version of the programme to be implemented in the future.